Wirtz – Conbro Acid Resistant Conveyor Systems

Conbro is wholly owned and operated within The Wirtz Group of Companies and has been a market leader in lead acid battery formation equipment design and manufacturing for over 30 years. Battery formation plants require a variety of different conveyors to transport the batteries. Conbro produces all of the types below, and has the ability to customize length, width, and configuration based on the customer’s requirements. With over 30 years of industrial experience, and having designed systems from single conveyors, to complete, fully automated facility conveyor systems, Wirtz is capable of providing the solution you require.

Types of Conveyors:

Straight conveyors of various lengths

90 degree turn conveyors

45 degree turn conveyors

Incline conveyors

Decline conveyors

Staging conveyors

Custom Configurations per customer request.


Benefits of Conbro Conveyors:

Polypropylene, acid resistant, construction.

Specialty acid resistant fasteners to withstand the harsh environments of a battery formation facility.

All belting is acid resistant, and we have a variety of models to suit each specific situation.

Overhead or side mounted drive configurations available.

Fixed or variable speed available.