Wirtz – Conbro Battery Washer and Dryer

Conbro is wholly owned and operated within The Wirtz Group of Companies and has been a market leader in lead acid battery formation equipment design and manufacturing for over 30 years. After formation, it is extremely important to wash and clean the batteries cases prior to labelling. The Conbro Battery Washer and Dryer, is a high speed, multiple station washer, with a multiple station battery drying system to ensure the most effective cleaning and drying available.

General Operation:

  • Batteries are transferred through the washer and dryer unit on a belt conveyor.
  • A three stage cascade washing system with specialty spray nozzles and a water filtration system between each washing stage ensures that the water is clean throughout the process.
  • A heated final rinse is used to maximize rinsing and assists in battery drying.

Benefits of a Conbro Washer and Dryer:

Polypropylene and specialty fastener construction for long life.

Adjustable spray nozzles, and air knifes to cover a large range of battery types.

Wash system includes (two) filtration stands with pumps to minimize and typically eliminate any system downtime.

Will dry bottom of batteries due to Conbro’s conveyor belting design