Wirtz – Conbro Continuous Acid Dumper

Conbro is wholly owned and operated within The Wirtz Group of Companies and has been a market leader in lead acid battery formation equipment design and manufacturing for over 30 years. The Conbro Continuous Acid Dumper is a fast and effective method to dump the acid and can process 18-20 batteries per minute, depending on configuration and battery size/type.

General Operation:

  • Batteries are conveyed into the dumper, where they are rotated 180 degrees to drain the acid as they move through the dumper.
  • They are rotated upwards again, and are typically immediately conveyed into either a Conbro continuous filler, or a Conbro acid level filler for acid refilling.

Benefits of Conbro Continuous Dumper:

Polypropylene construction with specialty acid resistant fasteners.

Variable chain speed up to 20 batteries per minute.

Continuous, fully automatic operation.

Excellent way to dump the acid from batteries after formation, and refill with clean acid prior to finishing.