Wirtz – Conbro Continuous Acid Filler

Conbro is wholly owned and operated within The Wirtz Group of Companies and has been a market leader in lead acid battery formation equipment design and manufacturing for over 30 years. The Conbro Continuous Acid Filler can process 18-20 batteries per minute, depending on configuration and battery size/type.

General Operation:

  • Batteries enter the filler and are tilted to a programmed set value in the automatic control system, so the batteries are filled to a specific level.
  • An automatically controlled acid discharge manifold runs the length of the machine, and is also positioned via the automatic control system per the battery type and desired fill level.

Benefits of Conbro Continuous Acid Filler:

Polypropylene construction with specialty acid resistant fasteners.

Variable chain speed up to 20 batteries per minute.

Can be used as a first fill prior to formation, and also used with a continuous dumper and continuous refill, with a sip off leveling machine.