Wirtz Continuous Grid Casting System – Concast CC-23200

Wirtz Manufacturing developed the technology is the industry leader in continuous-cast battery grid manufacturing. The ConCast system is installed in over 50 battery manufacturing sites worldwide and produces single or double wide continuous grids with the lug position on the inside or outside of a double wide strip. Grids are held to precise thickness and weight tolerances and the casting of the grids are completed without generating scrap lead. Grid designs are flexible and offer all the advantages of traditional gravity cast grids, including:

  • Side frames for strength, no punctured separators.
  • Designable grids: Variable sizes, tapered frames, radial corners
  • Wet or Dry charge grids
  • Grid designs for better paste retention
  • No recycling of scrap – no lead waste
  • The thinnest, lightest weight negative grids
  • Calcium alloys, antimony alloys, lead tin, pure lead
  • Single wide or double wide grid configurations, lugs in or lugs out

ConCast grids are used in nearly every type of lead acid battery on the market today, including

  • Automotive
  • VRLA and Motorcycle
  • Wound Cell (Spiral)
  • Small Engine
  • Motive Power
  • Industrial Applications
    • Concast Machine CC-23200: Machine capable of fitting 23” & 13” wide wheel. Standard machine will support both single and double wide wheels.
    • Airless wheel lubrication system
    • Single gas fired GN-16000 (16,000 LB / 7270 KG capacity) lead melting furnace with fume hoods, lead monitoring, and lead pump system.
    • Grid Take Off Machine GTO-23200: Complete with adjustable deflash system.
    • Oil Heat Exchange Machine OHE-23200
    • Air Heat Exchange Machine AHE-23200
    • Feedline Melt Out Machine FMS-28
    • Horizontal Reeler Machine HR-201: Complete with variable speed drive system, automatic loop control, and advanced grid support guide system.
    • Quick wheel change over system
    • Manual shoe pressure clamping system
    • State of the Art Wirtz Allen Bradley Control System
    • Abort Cutter & automatic Scrap Return Conveyor
    • Automatic Pig Loader conveying system integrated into lead pot control system.
    • Powered Blower Grid Drying System: Directly after the concast, a high powered blower & air knife system removes a majority of the grid water and oil from the casting process.
    • Second gas fired GN-16000 (16,000 LB / 7270 KG capacity) lead pre melt furnace.
    • Ultrasonic Grid Cleaning System (USC-23200): Complete with washing system, rinse system, and air blow off drying system
    • Second Horizontal Reeler Machine HR-201: A second coiler reducer down time during change over
    • Single or Double Vertical Coiling System: Complete with loop control and strip tension system.
    • Conroll Continuous Positive Grid System GRM-150: Allows for customers to easily add a Wirtz Conroll Positive Grid System to new or existing Wirtz Concast Systems for positive continuous grid production.
  • *The concast uses electrical, compressed air, gas, and required ventilation.  The exact requirements of each utility depend on the configuration, and options selected.  For more info, please contact