Wirtz Grid Molds for Gravity Casting Equipment

PRODUCTION: Motorcycle, Automotive, Industrial per the customer’s grid design

98.5% On time delivery. Contact us for all your tooling needs!

Wirtz has the ability to offer customers the lowest lead time in the industry, with the highest quality product, and our extensive knowledge and support while designing tooling, to ensure that the customer has the best running, most precision battery grid available. Our team has over 80 years in equipment and tooling design for lead acid battery equipment. We strive to ensure short lead times, on time delivery, and the best customer support available to our customers.

Benefits of Wirtz Grid Molds:

  • Guaranteed quality and highest performing lead gravity casting molds in the world
  • Full engineering team dedicated to provide optimum grid designs and support
  • Complete design of molds to insure specifications are met
  • Wirtz Developed Patented venting for optimum casting
  • State of the art, precision machining centers for precise tolerances
  • Certification of all molds
  • Each mold is tested on our in house, Wirtz Gravity Casting Machines prior to shipment
Grid Mold Grid Mold Grid Mold Grid Mold Grid Mold