Wirtz – Leko Brand – Single Hole Punch for Intercell Connections

Leko is fully owned and operated by The Wirtz Group of Companies.  For over 20 years, Leko has been designing, installing, and improving lead acid battery assembly line equipment.  Leko’s hole punch equipment for intercell connections offers customers ease of use and flexibility, and are manually controlled units.  The Leko HP2 is a single hole punch machine, and the machine includes battery specific tooling which positions each case partition into the punch tool.

Benefits of the HP2 Leko Hole Punch:

  • Low investment cost for small production facilities.
  • Versatility: The machine will fit tooling for most battery types ranging from small motor cycle to large truck batteries
  • Accuracy: The machine does not need any adjustments and is fully set up prior to shipment.
  • Very simple to operate and maintain: Rugged construction and easy access to all moving parts for ease and quick maintenance.
  • Very small footprint: Compact design so it takes up minimal floor space and is easy to move.
  • The exact requirements of each utility depend on the configuration, and options selected.  For more info, please contact