Wirtz – Plate Stacker – PS-23-50

The Wirtz Model PS-23-50 Continuous Plate Stacker can stack pasted grid panels or continuously cut grid strip with a simple change over. The plates enter on a diverging conveyor that can be set for panels or spread apart to diverge plates of either lugs in or lugs out configurations. There is a position sensor on the in feed which detects if a grid is out of position or if it was not trimmed properly and it activates an in line reject station to abort the plates at line speed. The stacks are generated, aligned, and then stop fingers hold the oncoming plates while the completed stacks are indexed forward. Multiple lift tables (depending on customer requirements) then present the stacks for removal by an operator or by a robotic unloading system.

Entry Conveyor


The operator can use the handled wheel on the side of the stacker to set the spacing between the conveyors. It can be set so there is no spacing (like for panels) or it can space out the plates so the they can be stacked into the carrousel.



The plates are collected and aligned at the plate stacker. Once a stack is completed, stop fingers catch the new plates as the completed stack indexes forward. This is set up for continuous lugs in plates, however with a simple change over by removing the center section it can stack panels.

Lift Table(s)


Depending on the space available, Wirtz can design multiple lift tables into the footprint.

    • Machine speeds up to 50 feet per minute
    • Panels or continuous plates. Lugs in or lugs out.
    • PLC Control with operator interface
    • Change over time – 10 minutes
    • Easy to access machines with locking see through window guards.
  • *These are very general specification and will change based on the exact configuration of the system that is ordered.

    Electrical: Electrical: (Supply 480VAC, 3 phase , 60 Hz standard)   200V to 575V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz,   Control Voltage:   24VDC Main Electrical Panel

    Compressed Air:   Supply pressure to be 65 to 85 PSI (4.48 to 5.86 bars) Air consumption is approximately 1 cubic foot per hour


    Supply pressure to be 20 to 50 PSI (1.38 to 3.45 bars) Maximum consumption rate during machine operation is 6 GPH for metal belt and roller cleaners (22.7 liters/hour). A solenoid valve limits water spray application to periods of machine operation only. Requires clean water source with minimum mineral solids content connected to a ½ inch NPT inlet cartridge filter.

    Daily machine wash-down is recommended using high- pressure water. (900-1200 PSI or 62 to 82 bars at about 2 gallons or 7.57 liters/minute rate).