Wirtz – Rotary Plate Cutter – RPC-8-200

The Wirtz Servo-Controlled Rotary Plate Cutter uses a material roller, encoder, and lug sensor to cut continuous double pasted strip into individual plates. The line speed is measured and the lug position is verified so that the rotating blades match the side frame positions. The cutter head has interchangeable blades and can be configured to handle lugs in, lugs out, and single panel configurations. The servo control allows for adjustments that can account for grid stretch, skew, or camber and still cut on the side frames of the grid design.

Entry and Exit Conveyors

The pasted grid strip is guided onto the entry conveyor through an adjustable guide. This assembly helps center the grid on the conveyor. The pasted grid strip passes under some hold down rollers and the material roller. For lugs out configurations it can be parted using only a single blade. Lugs in configurations are parted at the cutter head. The exit conveyor features a nose bar so that is freshly cut plates do not collide with the conveyor and cause distortion at the edges.

Diverging Conveyor Options

The exit conveyor can be a split belt that helps create some spacing between plates.

    • Cut tolerances of plus or minus 0.5 mm.
    • PLC Control with operator interface
    • Designed to adjust for any grid stretch or camber.
    • Every plate consistent in size; reduces production problems
    • Cutter head change over time – 20 minutes
  • *These are very general specification and will change based on the exact configuration of the system that is ordered.

    Electrical: (Supply 480VAC, 3 phase , 60 Hz standard)   200V to 575V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz,   Control Voltage:   24VDC

    Compressed Air:


    Ventilation: Recommended