Wirtz Strip Casting and Rolling Mill System

Wirtz Manufacturing is the industry leader in continuous grid making equipment.   The Wirtz Patented continuous punched positive technology will allow customers the ability to make the highest quality positive plate. The Wirtz strip casting and rolling mill system was designed to produce the continuous strip for a continuous grid making system.

Benefits of the System:

  • Small machine footprint
  • Very easy to operate
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Adjustable strip thickness
  • On the fly strip thickness adjustment
  • Multiple lead pot system for melting, alloying, and feedline
    • Strip Caster: Dual vertical drum caster with adjustable casting nozzle, specialized internal cooling system, and state of the art fully automatic control system
    • Triple Lead Pot Arrangement: Lead pots for scrap return and pre melt, lead alloy pot, lead feed pot with specialized level controls and dross control system
    • 2, 3, or 4 Rolling Mill System: The system can be configured with either a two mill, three mill, or four mill setup depending on desired reduction ratio. The initial strip thickness is easily adjusted at the strip caster to match the rolling mill setup.
    • Automatic Pig Loader conveying system integrated into lead pot control system.
    • Strip Trimming Station: Automatic strip trim system to ensure the strip is trimmed to a final desired width after the rolling mills. The trim station includes an automatic trim chopping and conveying station to deposit the trim to the lead pot.
    • Strip Tension Machine: A looped controlled strip tension system ensures that the strip is aligned and tightly coiled.
    • Dual Head Vertical Coiler: Complete with loop control system
    • Automatic Control System: The entire system is fully integrated and controlled by a state of the art, user friendly control system that monitors and logs all machine parameters.
    • Powered Blower Strip Drying System: Directly after the rolling mills, a high powered blower & air knife system removes a majority of the liquid from the strip rolling process.
    • Automatic head rotation on the vertical coiling units
    • Second vertical coiling system for reduced change over time
    • Complete system cage guarding, with light curtains and locking safety switches
    • Option to fully integrate automatic robotic loading and unloading of coils
  • *These are very general specifications and will change based on exact configuration of the system that is ordered.