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Casting Accessories

Wirtz Manufacturing Grid Casting

Performance Additives & Maintenance Kits

It is really no secret, the key to the success of excellent grid casting is a result of following a number of steps:

  • Trained operators
  • Regular machine maintenance
  • Regular Grid Mold maintenance
  • Regular use of the Wirtz Grid Casting Performance additives
  • Quality Lead Alloys
  • Regular Lead Pot maintenance
  • Keeping Dross to a minimum

Wirtz Technicians are able to provide assistance for all of these keys, through training at our facilities in the USA or on-site at your factory.

Also, Wirtz has a number of products that can assist your operators in producing excellent quality grids, at the same time maintaining production levels at their peak.

IMPORTANT NOTE MSDS INFORMATION for all of the following products is available upon request. Please review the following product information and contact your Wirtz Sales Representative to place your orders.

CONTACT: or call +1 810 987 7600

Slick Sticks

This product was developed to provide a longer lasting lubricant for mold guide pins and knockout/knock back pins. It is applied in the same manner as beeswax (when mold is hot end pin is touched to allow wax to melt and lubricate pin). The Slick Sticks are sized to be like a pencil, easy to handle even with gloves, and convenient to carry in a pocket for quick access. The Slick Stick is basically beeswax with ingredients added to increase the lubrication. Highly recommended for all gravity type grid casting.

Kleen Wash

Kleen Wash Molds should be clean before use and before corking. Kleen Wash should also be used when your are having problems with the cork not sticking to the mold surface or your mold has become contaminated with oil, grease or any other substances. Kleen Wash is a strong environmentally safe, biodegradable and fume free product.

Kleen Kote

Is a liquid compound that may be used in place of acetylene smoke. Used on the gate portion of the mold, it is an aid in preventing the alloy or small drips from sticking to the mold during the casting cycle. It promotes longer cork life and fewer miss pours can be expected can be mixed with other mold coat compound to promote additional extended protection.

W-10 Mold Coat Compound

Is prepared for severe casting conditions and is packaged wet in gallon containers, ready for use. Industrial grid casting, particularly with calcium alloy, is usually very detrimental to normal mold coat compounds. W-10, because of its tough heat-resistant compounds, gives added casting time. It is very tough binding mold spray, and can be used “as received” for most industrial and calcium grid casting. It contains a preservative for long shelf life. W-10 has also been found very effective as an additive to normal mold coat spray for most SLI grid casting. W-10 should be mixed with other mold coats at a ratio of 1 to 1. When mixing with other mold coats, the material should be mixed at the same consistency normally sprayed on the mold. A mixture of half W-10 and half Wirtz x-400, X-500, or any other cork spray, will usually give longer cork life. The exact ratio of mixing can be varied to suit individual casting requirements.

X-400 Mold Coat

Is a high insulating product, normally used for casting antimonial alloys. This product is a coarser powder and has the most venting capabilities of all our mold coat products. Both touch-up and re-spray is required more often than our other mold coats, due to its rougher surface which wears more rapidly than a smooth surface. This material is generally used for older type machinery, which runs at slower speeds with antimony alloy.

X-500 Mold Coat

Was developed to meet the higher casting temperatures required for calcium alloys. This material has lower insulating capabilities than X-400; it has a finer texture, and a longer run time. X-500 is our best selling mold coat due to it being more suitable for the higher casting speeds and temperatures used with today’s alloys.

X-600 Premium Mold Coat

Is designed for Industrial applications, but can also be applied to SLI molds when mixed with X-400 or X-500 mold coat. This product is provided as a completely mixed ready to apply solution. It is an extremely hard, long lasting mold coat, and when used as received without dilution is very difficult to remove from the mold. We recommend the use of a water brush when removing it from the mold.

X-900 Mold Spray

This mold spray is only available in a liquid and is packaged in 1-gallon containers. It is in liquid form to eliminate mixing variables, such as hard or soft water and individual personal mixing variations. This mold insulation product is made to an exact formula and will always be the same. The 1-gallon container is for ease of use, storage, and easy mixing. Your casting machine operator will find the container easy to use and very easy to mix. Each spray gun of mold spray will be the same. The operator only needs to shake the container and can see when mixing is complete.

X-900 is the newest Wirtz mold spray and should last up to 4 – 6 hours. This means only 2 mold sprays per 8-hour shift. Production increases up to 15% will be experienced for the casting shift. Cork usage will be cut in half. Dirty mixing areas will be eliminated along with the wasted casting labor used to mix the cork. No more bad mixes dumped down the drain.

X-520 Binder

To be used with mold coat products w/o Sodium Silicate

Gives your grid-casting department an opportunity to have a longer lasting mold coat with the same cork product they are now using. Using this product in place of the sodium silicate binder greatly increases the run time of the cork application.  This is an ideal product for use with alloys, which require higher mold temperatures.


To be used with mold coat products with Sodium Silicate

Was developed to make grid casting easier and more profitable.  When you add Ex-tend to your mold spray you are adding run-time to your mold. You can easily double your production per spray application. Ex-tend provides more grids per shift and less work for your operators.