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Parts & Services



Wirtz prides themselves on their 80+ years of expertise. Our team of experts is here to assist customers in the selection of the correct processes and equipment for specific applications, along with tooling and grid design..


The Wirtz Group of Companies are industry leaders in every equipment category for the lead acid battery equipment industry. Our continuous improvement efforts ensure that we continue to provide the most advanced technology, while improving equipment efficiencies to reduce a customer’s total operating costs, while producing a better performing battery plate. Our team has the knowledge to design and build custom equipment per customer’s request, and listen and solve customers’ problems..


Wirtz prides themselves on manufacturing the highest quality, most precise equipment available. We invest greatly in the latest technology for close tolerance machining, and employ a highly skilled team of equipment experts to build your equipment at one of our global facilities. Each piece of equipment is fully tested prior to shipment, to ensure a timely installation.

Install & Train

The Wirtz technical service team assists customers in the installation of the equipment, as well as operator training. The training includes how to run, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment. We routinely suggest training follow ups to ensure the equipment operators are using the equipment in the most effective and efficient ways.


Whether customers need replacement parts, have a question or issue with their equipment, or require further training on the machine operation, Wirtz is here to help. Wirtz recently increased their support staff to include a dedicated replacement parts manager, a team of technical service technicians, and engineering process experts to assist customers in a timely fashion.

Replacement Parts Specialists

Wirtz has a dedicated team for replacement parts, to assist customers in any way possible to reduce downtime, suggest parts to stock, and discuss equipment upgrade and retrofit packages available. Wirtz has a large inventory of replacement parts that we stock, and in the event a customer needs a part that is not currently in stock, there are options available to expedite the part to get it in the customers hands as soon as possible. Please contact our replacement parts division with any questions or inquiries, and let Wirtz assist you today.