BRS – Cascade Refining System

Battery Recycling Systems, which is a wholly owned by The Wirtz Group of Companies offers refining systems using a 3 kettle cascade refining process to produce 99.985% pure lead, and additional alloy pots are added per the customer’s requirement.

BRS Cascade Refining System General Specifications:

  • Standard kettles range from 40MT-100MT+
  • Many fuel options are available for the system
  • Each kettle is fully enclosed with a sanitation hood, which captures the fumes and transfers them to the Wirtz Air Filtration System.
  • System size is determined by customer throughput, and the number of lead alloys they wish to make.
  • Specialty lead mixing and pumping system


  • Automatic dross removal and handling system
  • Automatic ingot stacking & banding system

A complete BRS cascade refining system includes everything necessary for a turnkey refining system including environmental fume hoods, specialty lead mixers and lead pumps, ducting and a complete Wirtz Air Filtration System (quotes as separate line item).

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