Wirtz – Conbro Sip Off Acid Leveling Machine

Conbro is wholly owned and operated within The Wirtz Group of Companies and has been a market leader in lead acid battery formation equipment design and manufacturing for over 30 years. The Conbro Sip Off Acid Levelling Machine used a unique conveyor cross staging system, to allow the unit more throughput in a smaller footprint.

General Operation:

  • Batteries are stages on the inlet conveyor
  • A rising conveyor system transfers them under the sip off head
  • The sip off heads lower to a programmed specific height based on battery type, and vacuum off excess acid.
  • The batteries are transferred to the exit conveyor, and another set of batteries are positioned under the sip off heads for levelling.

Benefits of Conbro Sip Off Acid Levelling Machine:

Stainless steel and polypropylene construction, with specialty acid resistant fasteners.

Unique three conveyor staging design allow the sip off to process up to 18 batteries per minute, in a 4 head model.

Batteries are leveled based on preset criteria in the machines PLC, and multiple battery types can be stored for quick changeover.

Specialty nozzle design minimizes any acid dripping of typical sip off machines