Wirtz Continuous Grid Casting System For Positive Plates – Conroll GRM-150

Wirtz Manufacturing is the industry leader in continuous-cast battery grid manufacturing. The ConRoll developed this system as a natural extension of the ConCast Continuous Casting System to produce rolled positive grids of nearly any imaginable grid design. Positive grids using ConRoll are held to precise thickness and weight tolerances, and offer advantages similar to those of a traditional Wirtz Gravity Cast Grid, including:

  • Side frames for strength, no punctured separators.
  • ConRoll grain structure for advanced corrosion protection
  • Designable grids: Variable sizes, tapered frames, radial corners
  • Wet or Dry charge grids
  • Grid designs for better paste retention
  • No recycling of scrap – no lead waste
  • Calcium alloys, antimony alloys, lead tin, pure lead
  • Single wide or double wide grid configurations, lugs in or lugs out

ConCast grids are used in nearly every type of lead acid battery on the market today, including

  • Automotive
  • VRLA and Motorcycle
  • Wound Cell (Spiral)
  • Small Engine
  • Motive Power
  • Industrial Applications
    • The Wirtz ConRoll system is an extension of a Wirtz Concast System, and the Concast System is sold separately.
    • ConRoll 2 Mill Rolling System GRM-150
    • Heavy duty encoder controlled gear reduction drive system
    • Manual thickness adjustment system
    • Automatic loop control system
    • Integrate powered material take off system
    • State of the Art Wirtz Allen Bradley Control System, fully integrate and controlled by the Concast operator interface.
    • Automatic, servo controlled servo adjustment system
    • Ultrasonic Grid Cleaning System (USC-28200): Complete with washing system, rinse system, and air blow off drying system
    • Second Horizontal Reeler Machine HR-201: A second coiler reducer down time during change over
    • Single or Double Vertical Coiling System: Complete with loop control and strip tension system.
  • *The concast uses electrical, compressed air, gas, and required ventilation.  The exact requirements of each utility depend on the configuration, and options selected.  For more info, please contact