Wirtz – Horizontal Flash Dry Industrial Oven – HFD-25-50

Our Wirtz Horizontal Flash Dry Industrial Oven Model HFD 25-50 is an economical solution that fits right into our pasting line. Standard configuration is gas fired with your choice of a Natural Gas or Propane-fired gas train. Can be configured to handle single or double panels or continuous grid strip in any configuration. Speed controls can be integrated with Wirtz pasting line or we can include a stand alone control cabinet.   Efficient belt drive and tensioning mechanism for entry and exit conveyors based on customer plate and production requirements.

Electric Option:

The gas-fired burner systems can be replaced by electrical elemental heaters.

Moisture Sensor Option:

We can tie in a moisture sensor to the exit conveyor to confirm that the surface of the plates are dried to the proper specification. This is a great feature because it can help prevent over drying and control cracking.

    • Fuel Gas can be either LPG or Natural Gas Burner
    • Blower sized to support max. temperature to 425C.
    • Upper and Lower Plenum chambers for even heating.
    • Internal recirculation blower for efficient heating.
    • Variable speed chain drive.
    • Adjustable Exhaust damper.
    • Operator access doors on both sides for ease-of-maintenance
  • *These are very general specification and will change based on the exact configuration of the system that is ordered.

    Electrical: (Supply 480VAC, 3 phase , 60 Hz standard)   200V to 575V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz,   Control Voltage:   24VDC

    Compressed Air:


    Ventilation: Recommended