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The Wirtz Group of Companies

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Why Choose Wirtz Manufacturing?

Wirtz Manufacturing has over 80 years of industry experience, and have been the driving force in many of the technologies available today for lead acid battery manufacturing. The Wirtz Group of Companies is comprised of a highly specialized, unique group of companies, with extensive experience, expertise, and process knowledge.

Our experience ranges from standalone piece of equipment, to complete turnkey lead acid battery manufacturing facility design, installation, and training. With the combination of our specialized group of companies, extensive industry experience and knowledge, Wirtz is ready to assist customers in every way possible, across the globe.

Company Features:

  • 80+ years of industry experience and expertise
  • Global Impact:  Sales, manufacturing, technical and service located across the globe
  • Extensive product offerings: Wirtz, Oxmaster, Leko, Conbro, Battery Recycling Systems
  • Continuous development and equipment improvement

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Start-to-finish service

Wirtz will assist customers in selecting the best equipment for their specific application

Wirtz has over 80 years of equipment design for lead acid battery equipment

Wirtz has a highly skilled, specialized manufacturing team to produce the highest quality equipment

Install & Train
Wirtz technicians will assist in the installation and operator training of all our equipment.

From follow up training sessions, to after sales support, Wirtz is here to assist

Replacement Parts Specialists
Wirtz has a dedicated team for replacement parts, to assist customers in any way possible to reduce downtime, suggest parts to stock, and discuss equipment upgrade and retrofit packages available.

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