Aug 2, 2017

Gravity casting is a form of die casting, which is a method that uses high pressure to force molten metal into mold cavities. Gravity casting is the most popular method of metal casting, due to its versatility. Several different metals and alloys use the gravity casting process, including zinc, copper, tin, lead, magnesium, and aluminum…. Read more »

Jul 7, 2017

What Is Continuous Casting? Continuous casting allows metals and alloys to be stretched, shaped and solidified without the need for an interruption, reducing waste while improving yield, cost efficiency, and quality. Introduced into steel manufacturing the 1950s as an alternative to ingot molds, the continuous casting machine has now become a standard in premium battery… Read more »

lead-acid battery maintenance
Jun 30, 2017

Lead-acid batteries are low cost and effective, making them great for automotive use. A regular lead-acid battery maintenance schedule is important for equipment that uses lead-acid batteries, like vehicles or backup power supplies. However, an overlooked maintenance aspect is lead-acid battery maintenance. The most common use of lead-acid batteries is in cars. Here’s an overview… Read more »