PRODUCTION: Cut and separate lugs-in and lugs-out grids. Full engineering team to allow cutting of all types.

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Wirtz has the ability to offer customers the lowest lead time in the industry, with the highest quality product, and our extensive knowledge and support while designing tooling, to ensure that the customer has the best running, most precision battery grid available. Our team has over 80 years in equipment and tooling design for lead acid battery equipment. We strive to ensure short lead times, on time delivery, and the best customer support available to our customers.Benefits of Wirtz Rotary Cutters:

  • We have 3 types of cutters
    • Mechanical Cutter
    • Solid 1 piece cutter ground to precision
    • 3 piece cutter – with replaceable blades which allow quick change when dull
  • Very tight tolerance machining for a high quality cutter
  • Wirtz guaranteed quality
  • Engineering team to provide full support
  • Technicians available for onsite support
  • Replaceable blades to allow onsite change when a blade becomes dull.
    • Replacement blades stocked for quick delivery
  • We offer a one piece rotary cutter machined and ground to ensure hubs and cutting blades are all within .0001” allowing for the most accurate cutter available.

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