BRS – Rotary Furnace & Slag Caster

Battery Recycling Systems Rotary Furnace Lead Smelting System 

The Wirtz Group of Companies wholly owns Battery Recycling Systems. Battery Recycling Systems offers rotary furnace lead smelting equipment. Our rotary furnace lead smelting equipment is available in a range of capacities. In addition, we offer customers the ability to have a low operating cost. We assist them in sourcing locally supplied raw materials and safe chemicals.

  • Horizontal rotary furnaces available in a range of capacities from 3 cubic meters to 10 cubic meters.
  • The systems incorporate an oxyfuel burner which has the flexibility in fuel choices such as natural gas and fuel oil.
  • Advanced control and cooling systems
  • The proprietary slag casting technology cools the slag much faster.
  • The slag casting technology enhances the systems process and increases throughput.
  • Automated furnace charging systems

A complete smelting system includes a rotary furnace, slag caster, receiving kettle, air filtration system, chimney and cooling tower for the lance water jacket. Multiple systems can be installed to meet the desired output capacity. Battery Recycling Systems design, manufactures, installs and trains customers on the operation off all the equipment they offer.