Wirtz – Leko Brand – Automotive Terminal Post Car Battery Welder Machine

Leko is fully owned and operated by The Wirtz Group of Companies.  For over 20 years, Leko has been designing, installing, and improving lead acid battery assembly line equipment.  Leko’s terminal post welder equipment provides customers with an automatic solution to battery post welding.  Leko’s innovative and patented features automatically compensate for multiple variables throughout the process, making this machine very consistent and easy to use.

Benefits of the Leko Terminal Post Car Battery Welder:

  • Fully automatic – no operator requires
  • Consistent depth of welds – high-quality appearance
  • Automatic post height sensing
  • Quick tooling change over: Very simple tooling changeover for different battery types.
  • High Speed: Very simple and quick sequence of operations (place, punch, remove).
  • Safe T.I.G welding process
  • Self-alignment molds
  • The exact requirements of each utility depend on the configuration, and options selected.  For more info, please contact