Wirtz Special Duty Gravity Casting Machine – Model 220C

Wirtz Model 220/220C Hydraulically Operated Gravity Grid Casting Machines

The Wirtz Model 220/220C is a high speed gravity grid casters designed for 24 hour / 7 day a week continuous operation. Its heavy duty construction allow high speed continuous operation.

Both the mold and trim die are hydraulically operated to eliminate air and mechanical problems. This hydraulic feature also allows planish or thickness sizing of the grid to eliminate oversize tolerances. The internal scrap conveyor is constructed of steel and is chain driven to eliminate maintenance problems. This conveyor extends under the stacker to automatically return any grids discarded during the stacking operation to the lead pot for remelt.

The state of the art controls and technical enhancements allow the lead system and the mold operation to correct mold temperatures and control warpage even at high casting speeds. For the battery manufacturer, this means longer cork life, fasting casting speeds, and lower scrap rates.

    • Right or left hand installation
    • Variable speed drive, 8 to 20 cycles per minute
    • Motors totally enclosed and fan cooled
    • Main drive motor ¾ hp
    • Free standing main electrical panel with individual operator stations on each machine. More room between machines for maintenance.
    • Hydraulic power unit complete with cooling unit and no-flammable hydraulic fluid.
    • Standard electrics Supply 480VAC, 3 phase , 60 Hz standard 200V to 575V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
    • “Nema 12” electric control panel with 60 amp disconnect, 110 volt or 24VDC control circuit
    • “Nema 12” electric control console with push button and selector controls, running lights, temperature controllers and lead dispense timer
    • Electric solenoid control of mold and ladle, mold remains in last (open/closed) position when machine stop button is pressed and ladle tipping linkage is automatically disengaged returning ladle to no pour position regardless of ladle cam position
    • Air filter, regulator and lubricator for air system • All internal piping is complete for gas, air and water
    • Swing out mold corking bracket
    • Quick connect air fittings for cork spray gun
    • Separator air regulator and quick connect hose for molds with air flow vent bars
    • Heavy duty steel belt internal trim scrap conveyor with separate drive unit extends under stacker to catch all grids and trimmings.
    • Can be arranged in banks of 1, 2, 3 or 4 casters
    • Includes one standard automotive sized trim die
    • Wirtz patented heavy duty low dross lead pump
    • Manifold piping
    • Precision grid ejector system
    • Die entry gate support
    • Die exit rollers
    • Electric mold heaters – double zone
    • Grid counter
    • Grid inspection table
    • Tool holder
    • Ladle cover and gas shielding for electric ladle
    • Air spin assembly or DC motor option
    • Allen Bradley Control Systems automated temperature control and machine speed control
    • Die lube system including a 1 gallon reservoir
    • Machine speed indicator
    • Ammeters to monitor electric heater circuits
    • Electric interlocks to shut down any individual caster in a grouping
    • Oversize mold back for producing golf cart and scrubber batteries
    • Auto fill system for improved cast ability and quality
  • *These are very general specification and will change based on the exact configuration of the system that is ordered.

    Electrical: (Supply 480VAC, 3 phase , 60 Hz standard) 200V to 575V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, Control Voltage: 24VDC 6KVA

    Fuel Pressure: 14” WC (350mm WC) max 5” WC (127mm WC) min Natural Gas: 1000 BTU/Cu/Ft (8.900 Kcal/M Cu) Volume: 25 CFH (0.7 M Cu/Hr)

    Propane: 2500 BTU/Cu/Ft (22.250 Kcal/M Cu) Volume: 10 CFH (0.3 M Cu/Hr)

    Compressed Air: Optimum 1 CFM (0.03m Cu/Min) Peak 48 CFM (1.4 m Cu/Min) Pressure: 100 PSI (6900 m bar) max 80 PSI (5520 m bar) min

    Water: Cooling Water Supply Temperature: Max 75°F (24°C) Volume: 60 GPH (225 Liters/Hr) Pressure: 80 PSI (5520 m bar) max 20 PSI (1380 m bar) min

    Ventilation: (Note: Figure may also be included in the ventilation requirements for the furnace) Volume 760 CFM (21.4 M Cu/Hr)